As promised

As I was leaving the house at 7:30 this morning, I noticed that the peony was in bloom and made a mental note to photograph it later.

When I returned this evening, I thought maybe I’d missed my chance.

On closer inspection, it appears that I was misremembering the sort of peony I have. This one is just a single flower not one of those blousy ones with lots of petals.

I think it’ll last for a while as there are buds in various stages of tightness. That said, it is awfully hot and sunny.


3 thoughts on “As promised

  1. I love peonies, but have yet to replace them in my garden. Glad to see you are enduring the “suit” days of your job.


  2. My peony has a big bud swelling right now and I’m excited to see what it looks like. It was a gift from a friend’s garden and never bloomed in its previous location. I would love a garden with a whole section of roses and peonies so I could cut oodles, the blowsier the better 🙂


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