I’ve been working. Downtown. In a suit. Kind of hard to believe, I know, but this happens sometimes. I have to do it tomorrow, too, but just for the morning. And then again next Monday and Tuesday (in Edmonton, of all places). All in all though, not a bad gig.

So just to keep you happy, I’ll show you some more of the photos I took the other day.


This is my new spinning wheel with a bag of Grafton Fibres beside it and my lovely purple sofa behind it. There is evidence of spinning activity on the bobbins though by the time this was taken a whole skein of yarn had been wound off onto a niddy noddy.



I haven’t measured wraps per inch or anything but I think this is fine enough to knit socks. Lots of twist for durability but still soft. I intend to knit a swatch before I spin up that other batt.


4 thoughts on “Teaser

  1. Yum yum yum, thanks for the eye candy. And I’m guessing your suit rate (I bill for freelance based on what I have to wear, the pantyhose rate is exhorbitant) will be enabling lots of good fiber.


  2. Love the wheel–very simple looking.

    And I think the idea of a suit rate is very smart and a pantyhose rate is even smarter (especially with today’s weather).


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