But I am going to New Hampshire

I’m writing this on Thursday but setting it to post on Friday because I’m afraid some of the information may make people either do housework or feel guilty about not doing housework and I don’t believe in either of those things.

So today (Thursday), Tigger and I cleaned the car. I figured that if folks clean their houses when they have guests then having a guest in the car for a longish journey was a good excuse to clean the car. Also it badly needed it. I think half the grit and salt spread on our streets this winter was on the floor of my car. Tigger actually thought it was a fun idea and had pretty good stamina. She climbed up on the roof to wash up there and then I had her do all the low parts. Then she did the interior windows and some of the wiping down the wipeable parts of the interior. I did the vacuuming and the rest of that wiping. All spiffy and ready to go. Just needs to be filled up before we head off tomorrow morning.

We’re looking forward to meeting up with folks. We plan to buy ‘stuff to spin’. Cate is required to enable. I’ve also kind of suggested that Tigger could get spinning help from her as there is something complicated about learning things from your mom (I know, I homeschool, but sometimes the resistance seems to just be on principle). I’m hoping Cate won’t mind.

And even though it might ruin the surprise if Cate checks blogs before she leaves, I now have a functioning digital camera. I have had the camera for a long time but haven’t used it because it doesn’t like OSX and was therefore a pain to download pics from (made worse by the fact that the AC adaptor had got lost and downloading just eats battery charge). So we went into a camera shop recently to possibly buy a camera and the guy says that we probably only need a card reader. On that occasion we didn’t have the camera with us so I went back yesterday with the camera and spent less than $60 getting organized. My camera is lower spec than the lowest thing on the market now but it is probably fine. He showed me all the things I could do (some of which I was unaware of. Macro feature, for example.) sold me a card reader and a new card (the smallest now sold is 128MB, I had an 8MB card). When I got home I plugged in teh charger and charged up the batteries and I’ve got loads of space on that new card. So you can anticipate photos of NH on this here blog.

Of course, now the problem is that my computer is complaining bitterly about how little HD space there is so no card reader software is going on it nor any space hungry photos. I am going to order a new computer (that was in the plan anyway). But there is hope.

Have a great weekend.


5 thoughts on “But I am going to New Hampshire

  1. Jo, I use the blog space to store my photos, then download them to a CD from time to time. You can also buy extrnal hard drives and flash drives quite cheaply. ENjoy New Hampshie!


  2. I use a free online service called Snapfish.com to upload my photos to, and even get hardcopies of those that I love. I also send all film to be developed through there, and have for the last six years. It is wonderful to know that if there is ever a fire (or more likely, my computer gets a virus) I won’t lose all the photos. Have a great trip!


  3. Have a great trip. Take pictures and take advantage of on line free storage.

    And send Tigger to my house, her and Emma can do the mini-van!


  4. Well, I’m sure glad you cleaned the car for me. It was lovely. Hee. Next year I think mud-wrestling should be an event at NHS&W.


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