When in doubt order fibre…

This hasn’t been the greatest week. I had little patience with Tigger who didn’t seem to feel like doing anything that remotely resembled homeschooling. At some point I realized that I am probably premenstrual and although that probably explains my grumpiness it doesn’t really make it go away. I suspect she actually did learn things this week but we also had a couple of conversations about the particular frustrations of the combination of her not wanting me to tell her what to do and protesting that she is only 8 and thus shouldn’t have to make decisions. ARGHHH!

So the other day I took a little surf over to Treenway Silks and bought myself a little bit of this in the colour Musgrave Melody. Only $10 worth but I figure it is a pretty colour and I would like to see what it is like spinning silk.

I may now take Ted’s advice and go here and get a Tracy Eichheim spindle. My lighter spindle (not from Tracy) keeps coming apart when it falls on the floor. I think that’s a design flaw. Anyone who expects you not to drop it on the floor doesn’t understand much about spinning.

I have also been working on spinning more lighter weight yarn in the Persimmon Tree fibre that I bought at Rhinebeck (photos in the gallery). I think I have enough for a smallish lacy scarf. I looked through the patterns I have and ended up thinking I’d go with the old standard (wavy triangles from the Summer 2005 Vogue Knitting; I did the grey romney-angora in that and have also done one for a friend in some alpaca/cashmere/silk blend I got from Elann). But then I remembered a mobious pattern I got from Elann and looked around a bit for it and I think that will be perfect. I’ll make it narrower than written (since I only have about 140 yds).

After consulting with friends on my knitting list, I have cast off the first sock. I used a crochet cast off (basically the same as a normal one but you use a crochet hook to manipulate the stitches instead of the needles) adding an extra chain once every 6 stitches. Seems to work well. I cast on the toe of the second sock yesterday evening. I’ve also done a bit more of the 2nd sleeve of Tigger’s sweater while a friend was here with her kids the other day.

I found listening to an audiobook while knitting to be very nice but I’ve now finished Eventide. Must get another one when we go to the library this week.


3 thoughts on “When in doubt order fibre…

  1. The silk is gorgeous…I imagine anything you make with that will be stunning. Take heart about Tigger..it is tougher for them to grow than it is for us to let them, honestly. Just wait until she gets premenstrual as well, or as Reagan coined it, “hormonious.” Then the fun really begins!


  2. I think that that push/pull between “respect my independence/take care of me” has to be the hardest part of parenting. And being a child.

    Particularly in a home school situation where you are both parent and teacher.

    Mothers, daughters and hormones can be a volatile mix. Maybe a break in the routine for something that will refresh you both? Field trip or something.


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