I might be insane

A very close friend had a baby about 6 weeks ago. This friend has a very strong faith and I have known for a long time that she will have the baby christened. At various points, the idea of a christening blanket has floated to the front of my mind.

For various reasons, I have not really seriously entertained this idea. Since the baby has been born, it has floated forward more frequently, perhaps, but I would then think that I’d need to know the date of the christening and that would mean indicating to my friend that I was knitting said blanket and that would impose a deadline and I hate knitting to deadlines …. Nothing happened.

Then Cassie starts talking about square shawls. She even chooses a pattern and starts knitting it. She comments on how much she is enjoying knitting lace. It even seems to have calmed her urge to start new projects. Incidentally, I also know the date of the christening. It came up in conversation. (I’m babysitting a cat on heart meds while they are away.)

I went into the LYS today to see if they had any white Baby Ull. They didn’t but I asked if they had any in the warehouse or the other store and there will be 8 balls to pick up on Thursday. I’m thinking about the Evelyn Clarke Paisley shawl in the Spring 2005 Interweave Knits. Because it is in the house and only about 48″ square. Even the woman in the LYS thinks I’m nuts. The christening is on Easter weekend.

I am telling myself (and the woman in the LYS) that I know these friends plan to have more children and thus there really is no deadline. This might be for the next baby’s christening. I’m not sure I believe myself.

Work is suddenly insane. I’m glad Tigger is at basketball camp. On the plus side, work means money. Tigger ‘needs’ a loom (she says) and my mother has just told me about a place that sells second hand and antique looms….


2 thoughts on “I might be insane

  1. You truly are a glutton for punishment…but I have and will again do the same thing. I say “go for it!” I have always felt a handknit gift is a lifetime treasure, and even if you do not finish, it will be cherished as much later as well.


  2. Glad I could help…. spread the insanity. The nice thing about square shawls (if they’re not garter stitch lace) is that there’s no purling on the wrong side.

    A shawl in baby ull would go fast. A shawl in laceweight would be insanity.


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