I don’t want to make a habit of this but since it was one of the homeschoolers who tagged me and I’m kind of liking the process of finding like-minded folks in that community, I thought I’d do this one.

Four jobs I’ve had:
grocery store cashier
retail sales (fine china, crystal, etc)
university professor
research grant programme officer

Four movies I can watch over and over again:
I don’t watch movies over and over. In fact since I’ve been with my partner, and especially since I’ve had my daughter, I don’t see nearly as many movies as I would like to once, much less over and over.

Le Declin de l’empire americaine (Decline of the American Empire) is definitely on the list though

Four places I’ve lived:

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Stirling, Scotland
Ottawa, Ontario
Birmingham, England

Four TV Shows I love:
CSI (any of them)
This is Wonderland (yes, Virginia, CBC drama can be good)
Inspector Morse
The West Wing (though I haven’t watched several of the more recent seried due to hiccups around the move and playing basketball when it is on)

Four Places I’ve vacationed:
Umbria, Italy
Herefordshire, England
Eleuthra, Bahamas
Canton, Ohio (just because it is so improbable; one of my best friends lives there if you must know)

Four of my favorite dishes:
My partner is such a good cook, I am hard pressed to choose.

my partner’s vegetarian lasagne
roast lamb (purchased from the butcher by our cottage, cooked slowly, and eaten with friends)
moose (not that I have had any for a very long time; don’t know any hunters these days)
pumpkin pie (made from fresh pumpkin we’ve grown ourselves)

Four sites [that are not really blogs] that I visit daily:
You mean there are sites other than blogs?

Four places I would rather be right now:
nowhere I can think of

Four bloggers I am tagging:
no need to piss anybody off, now, is there. Play if you like.


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