Sheep & Wool

Those of you who have been hanging around since back in the day I sponged off of Cate, will know that I do not have a digital camera and thus the photos come some time after the event. Actually, I suffer from a chronic case of camnesia in any case so the photographic record is patchy as well as late.

Today I picked up a developed film. I now get the guy to just do a CD, index print and negatives since I mostly share photos electronically anyway. So we’ll start with the holiday photos…


You will note that this is not a photo. I don’t have a photo of our cottage but I do have a watercolour painting done by my MIL. I’ve scanned it. It is a bit blurry but this is it from the garden side. The room you see on the left-hand side was added in the late 1950s by my partner’s grandparents and is where the next photo was taken from (facing in the other direction, towards the common).


Next up, the holiday acquisitions…


The roving (actually mostly combed top) from Wingham Wool Work near Rotherham in the UK. You may recall that I purchased this by phone and had it sent to my friend in Loughborough. The large quantities are Blue Faced Leicester (both white and brown), the small ones are samples of a whole range of things some of which I have spun a little bit of.


And this is the bag of Rowan that I picked up on sale in Birmingham. There is quite a bit of Yorkshire tweed 4 ply. 23 balls of a most wonderful dark purple (I think a sweater for myself but there will be leftovers) and 5 of a nice reddish colour (lacy scarf and matching fingerless gloves?). Also some Yorkshire tweed DK in that nice sky blue that the kid likes with one skein of a darker blue to put some contrast at the edges, perhaps. And 2 balls of Big Wool in red out of which I have already made mittens (that are waiting to be felted).

and by special request

Cassie asked me if I had a photo of the scarf I wore when we met in New York. I did not but took one to finish off this film.


This is made with Romney-Angora singles that I spun from roving purchased in the summer and is knit using the wavy triangles pattern in the summer 2005 issue of Vogue Knitting. It is very soft and very warm. This particular pattern, in addition to looking good, is a great choice for singles as the combination of knits and purls in each row will counteract any tendency to bias.


6 thoughts on “Sheep & Wool

  1. Oh, do I MISS having Rowan at my LYS. Well, my budget is probably grateful that I am no longer thrown so frequently in the path of temptation. But I love, love that stuff. Beautiful colors you’ve chosen!


  2. Where are the sheep? And the sheep-scaring cats?
    Still haven’t decided what to do with all that loverly Rowan I bought at same time. I do stroke it sometimes.


  3. Ok, that’s it. I’ve got to get to the spinning for my scarf.

    I love the picture of the sheep through the window. And unless I’m lacking some kind of perspective, that looks like an awfully large pile of roving you have there. 😉


  4. You have to click on that image to see the sheep. And I tried to take a photo of the cat, as I recall, but I only have one of the bare common. Perhaps the sheep really did have something to be scared of 🙂

    The pile of fluff is not so big. the two big bags are 250g each. the little bags are little (cost 50p each).


  5. Yeegads, look at all those great photos! I am in love with that scarf. I think there’s something like it in Weekend Knitting, too. I need to make one of those. I truly am a scarfaholic. Before I knitted, I used to wear silk scarves a lot, as well as purchased knitted ones. Now I can’t get enough knitted ones.


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