I’ve done it…

Today we went to the school to speak to the kid’s teacher and hand in a letter withdrawing her from school to be taught at home. Her teacher is very supportive, recognizing the fact that school really wasn’t challenging her. I’m not sure she understands exactly what home-schooling might be but she is not putting any roadblocks in our way. I think having sent in the work we did on that one day off helped her see what kinds of things might be involved.

In fact, the teacher has been kind enough to say that she will invite the kid in sometimes when they have special events or go skating. This is nice, particularly since the biggest drawback is about the relationships she has with the kids in her class.

We’ve brought home a bunch of stuff from school including any workbooks we are entitled to keep. I have yet to go through them but they will probably be useful (to see what she has already done, if nothing else). And I got some advice about which french grammar they have already covered.

knitting news

I also took the bull by the horns and just cast on with that orange and brown handspun. I am now almost finished a kid sized hat which I started from the crown (CO 6, join; knit one round; knit in front and back of every stitch; k 2 rnds; k1, *M1, k2*, k1; K 2 rnds; k1, *M1, K3,*k1; K 2 rnds; continue until 12 stitches between each increase then do the increases every other round until big enough then just knit every round). It is kind of pointy on top. If you didn’t want pointy then do the increases every 2nd round all the way down (I think). I have taken it off the needles twice (putting it on a long bit of yarn) and tried it on the kid’s head for fit and whatnot.

I started with the navajo plied yarn so the colours are strong and it is clearly stripey. There is some variation in the thickness even between the first and second little skein. When I ran out, I switched to a thicker skein of two ply and changed from 3.75mm needles to 3.5mm needles. It is working out fine though that section has more muted colours. I’m liking it and so is she.

This is good for me because I find it hard to start without a plan and a clear idea of who might wear it. Starting at the crown is good, like starting socks from the toe. You can adjust for the amount of yarn and whatnot. Also, since I didn’t swatch, I have a smaller bit to rip out if I’d chosen the wrong needle size.

Despite the fact that this will clash horribly with her coat, I may well make some thrummed mittens out of some of the rest to go with it. She clearly likes it. I saved some of the roving for this purpose. And I’m not sure what else I’d do with this stuff. A learning experience (in spinning technique, spontaneous knitting, and thrummed mittens) seems like a good use of this lovely stuff.


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  1. Wow, a definitive step. I’m glad that the school is being nice about it. Sounds like your spontaneous knitting project is the perfect thing right now.


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