This is so cool…

Okay, I know that I’ve kind of been distracted by this homeschooling decision but anyone with school aged kids should check this out. (It isn’t a PDF, Norma, not that you have little kids.).

It generates math worksheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. So if your kid is having trouble with some of that, you can print a worksheet to do some practice. You get to define how big the numbers are and how many problems on the page. So you could focus on a specific piece of the multiplication tables, for example. And print a different one every day. Nifty. You could also do it to create harder problems if you have a kid like mine who is proceeding faster than the rest of the class and wants to do something more challenging for homework.


On the knitting front, not much has been happening. I made a pair of mittens with Rowan Big Wool the other day. Very fast. I used 7.5 mm dpns and a pattern for toddler’s mittens that was written for worsted weight. They are a bit big but need to be slightly felted for windproofing anyway. I’ll do that soon. I might even write out what I did since the toddler pattern only got me started, really.

I have also finished the film in the disposable camera. Must take it to be developed and then there will be a bit of a photo fest. (Yes, Cassie, I have taken the photo you requested.) In addition to knitting there will be sheep (of unknown breed). I don’t think there is photographic evidence of sheep-being-terrorized-by-small-cat.

My time management (such as it is) is being thrown into chaos by having a small child around all day who I am allegedly educating. Also I actually have some work on and then someone else phoned to offer me work (on the day my VISA bill came in, how did he know that?). I saw him yesterday and that is a promising avenue but I must get back to him. Like Norma, it never rains but it pours. Fibre is what is suffering from neglect.


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  1. That is a cool site. My dad (a mathematician) would have loved this when he was teaching pre-service elementary school teachers.

    Emma loves doing these problems, so I’m going to generate her some questions when she’s bored.


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