Do we have snow?

Steph asks in the comments if we have snow, noting that Toronto seems to be the town that winter forgot. So I thought I’d post briefly to complain about the weather. At least this won’t make your head itch. (Sorry about that Norma.)

We do have snow. Lots of it. In fact the day I left town in mid-December they were predicting 30-40 cm of the stuff (that’s over a foot for you folks south of the border) which started falling after we left. And on my return it was clear that we had had lots. My neighbours had kindly swept off my car several times during my abscence or (as one pointed out) I wouldn’t have been able to find it on my return.

And yesterday I spent a substantial portion of the day shoveling and was thankful that my neighbour, with whom I share a driveway, has a snowblower. The piles of show shoveled off the driveway mean that I can’t see what is coming down the road until I’ve almost got the car right out of the drive.

But now we are having rain. That’s right. Rain. It has been above freezing all day. And you know what happens when rain falls on snow. It turns to slush. And since the ground is frozen when rain falls on the ground, it turns to ice. My driveway looked like something Sara would be happy to do jumps and twirls on this morning. My neighbour has been out scraping all that ice off and I’ve done some too. Then I got a bag of sand out of the shed and put that down on what remained to prevent injury to my family or visitors.

I did not return to Ottawa to experience above freezing temperatures in January. This is ludicrous. If it were -10C like it should be then the sky would be blue and the road would be clear (thanks to snowplows and the copious application of salt by our fair city) and one would be able to walk around without danger of falling and breaking bones and the traffic report in the morning would not be full of folks wrapped around telephone poles. Also my boots would not be too warm.

So this is an official complaint to whichever diety takes care of this shit. I want a proper Ottawa winter. That means cold. -40C if necessary. But no more rain until March. (I will still complain in March because this slushy icy mess is a nightmare at any time of year but at least March is supposed to be like this.)

By the way, freezing rain is officially the most evil weather. We will get more today, I suspect, as that’s what happens when the temperature gets down around freezing again and it is raining. If you have never experienced freezing rain and have no idea what I am talking about, you should just count your blessings and hope you never get to find out.

I’ve decided that once 6 o’clock rolls around it will be cold enough to make the roads truly dangerous and have cancelled the kid’s violin lesson already. The fewer people on the roads, the fewer people wrapped around telephone poles. A friend is coming over (on the big 50 seater limousine, aka the bus, on the grounds that professional drivers are your best bet in this weather) and we will probably deal with that bottle of red wine I opened when making spaghetti sauce the other day and possibly sample my Xmas gift from my darling, wonderful, brother-in-law.


5 thoughts on “Do we have snow?

  1. I’m liking the warm weather, but not the rain or the constant snow, no snow, snow, cold, warm, mushy, icy, unpredictability.

    I don’t love -40, but give me a solid winter with snow and all it’s trappings, or make it spring already.


  2. OFFICIALLY. THE MOST EVIL. We’ve got that today, too. And someone reminded me of another bad side effect of these so-far-above-average-temperatures today: The ground has not frozen, which means another lousy maple sap year for us.


  3. We’re completely in the “freezing rain” belt here. Some winters are worse than others–every few years we spend the whole time right under that curvy line they put up on weather maps–what, the jet stream?–and that’s when we get the worst of it. This is one of those years. I hate ice. Much rather have snow. Definitely the most evil. Here’s hoping it snows enough and stays cold enough to cover over the ice completely. Though it’s hard to really avoid the effects of a bad ice storm or freeze-thaw for the rest of the winter. Ugh.


  4. Freezing rain sucks. It’s highly damaging to any form of vegetation too. Lots of trees are lost after a good freezing rain storm.

    BUt for the record, I will no be skating on anyone’s driveway 🙂


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