Rhinebeck haul in technicolour

I know. It was months ago but I have photos of that fluff I have been discussing. So here you are…
This is the orange Blue Faced Leicester I have been talking about.
This is the Persimmon Tree stuff that Cate enabled. It is 50% wool, 50% mohair. The purple colour is the colour of my mother’s winter coat so I have a vague plan to knit something for her. Every skein seems to come out slightly differently though so I think I will spin all of it up and then match up skeins for little projects.
This is the doll scarf that the kid knit up with the little samples that I spun as soon as I got home from Rhinebeck. Although I hadn’t considered it at the time, the colours go very well together.

Okay, that is enough for one post. I have more photos, though so the posts may come thick and fast in the next little while.


One thought on “Rhinebeck haul in technicolour

  1. {drool} That Persimmon Tree stuff is gorgeous. {/drool}

    Was it you who used a laceweight Icelandic that you bought at Rhinebeck? Which vendor was that from?


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