OOOOH! wool

I just went a checked the mail. I’ve got YARN. From Shelridge Farms. To make these for my brother (the big Leafs fan). Although my brother and I are not that close my partner kindly pointed out that it wouldn’t be a big burden to me to knit them and he would really appreciate them. I plan to add the wider stripe (see Alison’s link to the vintage jersey).

The way the colour looked on Alison’s blog, we also thought it might work for my partner’s brother who is a big Leicester City Football Club fan. But now that the wool’s here, it won’t. I might have to send in an order for LCFC coloured wool. My monitor is crappy at representing the colours though (they looked completely different on the Shelridge farm site) and the shade card I asked for wasn’t in the package with the wool. I guess my nephew might get a little Leaf’s toque for Xmas, too.

Not much other knitting going on but I have had a few bus journeys with no socks in my bag so now I can remedy that.