I’ve just posted this to a list I’m on, so apologies to anyone from there who is reading this, too. But I know that many of the regular readers of this blog (not that there are that many) aren’t on that list and might have really useful advice for me.

I need your help. I’m about to start on the Classic Slant Cardigan from the Fall 2004 IK. I’ve done a swatch (2 actually, to get the right needle size). And I’m trying to choose the right size to make.

This is a ribbed cardigan, so I’m assuming it shouldn’t have much ease. So I’ve measured myself. And I’ve been checking out the relationship between the stated Finished Size measurements and the pattern.

I’m not one of those math-phobes and I’ve calculated several times. The number of stitches multiplied by the gauge DOES NOT give the finished size measurements stated. This is driving me crazy.

One problem is I’m not sure how to measure gauge on a ribbed swatch (stretched, squooshed, what? Ribbing is stretchy and the design accounts for this so that it is more stretched over hips and bust and comes in at the waist ‘naturally’) I did my swatch, washed it and laid it flat to dry in the normal way. It didn’t scrunch up as much after washing as before but then I am assuming to wash my sweater.

One possibility is that what are given as Finished Size measurements are actually To Fit measurements. In which case I’ll err on the small side (I have been much happier with garments I’ve knit with less ease) and knit the 43″ bust (even though mine measures a bit more than that).

But I’m really worried about the between the shoulders measurement. by my calculations at that size, it will measure over 18″ and I’ve measure a few garments in my closet (knitted and other) and even my suit jacket only measures 17″. I think I want something more like 16″.



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  1. Don’t make the same mistake I did with a cabled sweater. I calculated the stitches and gauge and figured it should be right. What I (and the pattern writer) had forgotten is that cables eat width. I had to frog the whole thing.

    Measure the swatch stretched to what looks to match the photo, THEN measure; preferably after being washed.

    A ribbed sweater that is worn so tight that the ribbing is flattened out is unattractive and defeats the point of ribbing. Think about how you will want it too look once it’s on and go from there. The way it looks when you calculate the gauge for your measurements is the way it will look on you.

    Having looked at the photo at:

    the ribbing looks to be about half-stretched.


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