Sorry to all those who were googling for something racy. I had a Stash Enhancement eXperience on Saturday in prepration for my upcoming holiday. I went in search of nice yarn to knit lace with. The selection at the LYS was not fabulous but I was not disappointed.

First up was the shopping list item — something from Fleece Artist. There were a lot of FA sock kits, including several colour ways that had 2 in stock. I assumed 2 sock kits makes one shawl. After much contemplation, I came home with what I think is Hercules though I seriously contemplated Blue Lagoon for quite a while. Despite being a lover of purples, Amethyst didn’t do anything for me.

The Fleece Artist stock was actually quite good but most of it was in heavier yarn than I wanted. The sock kits are nice but they don’t give information useful to those of us who want to knit something other than socks. I’d have liked yardage and dye lot information, for example. I guessed that if the hank was enough for a pair of adult socks it must be about 400m but who knows exactly. And deciding whether two skeins are the same dyelot by eye is not always recommended (there were 4 skeins of Blue Lagoon, clearly from at least 2 dye lots but not clear if more than 2). My real concern was the mismatch between how multi-coloured yarn looks on the skein and how it looks knitted up. I wondered whether I’d be disappointed in the yarn that really called to me in the shop and whether Amethyst (or Blue Lagoon) would look better once knitted. I decided to take a chance.

As I was wandering around, I found some tiny skeins (25g ea) of Cashmere laceweight. The colours were very nice and there were a couple of small lace scarves knitted up. Since this stuff if not cheap, I decided to just get 2 skeins and do a lacy scarf for the woman who has been giving me a lift to basketball for the last couple of years. The colour is a very deep red that I think is about the same as a handbag she has. She works in a bank and wears pretty classy stuff to work but, of course, I usually only see her in sweats.

It also occured to me that the Dale of Norway Baby Ull might make very nice yarn for shawls. I’ll have to contemplate that in future. Of course after I return from this holiday, there will be a trip to the Prince Edward County Fibrefest at Rose Haven Farm near Picton, ON. I’ve been down there before and the farm shop has some lovely stuff (including lots of Koigu which would also make nice lace stuff). I’m also hoping there might be nice things at the festival that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

So the search is on for patterns. I’ve been leafing through Best of Knitters Shawls and Scarves and Folk Shawls and have found a couple of things I might base these things on. The scarf will probably use a lace pattern from something in a width that makes sense for the project and amount of wool. For the shawl, I’m still debating whether to just do something in there (even though I think I have less than the recommended yardage) or do more design work…


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  1. Hmmm, sounds good. How about an FBS or leaf lace or something that doesn’t use a lot of yarn and you can stop whenever you want? I confess nothing in Folk Shawls floated my boat, but that’s just me. Happy knitting!


  2. aaaah – I’m mulling over tackling a lace shawl for the first time too- wheeeee!

    yes company is welcome to the fall fiber festivals…naturally!


  3. It drives me crazy that Fleece Artist doesn’t print yardage/dye lot on their sock yarn labels!

    The Leaf Lace Shawl from Fiber Trends is nice…


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