Flower Basket Shawl

Stephanie got a bit confused about my post the other day and thought I had been planning to knit the FBS when she had actually inspired me to buy yarn for the Classic Slant Cardigan (both are in the Fall Interweave Knits if you don’t know what I’m talking about). The ensuing correspondence actually got me thinking about whether I had yarn in the stash that would work. And yesterday I swatched a bit.

First, I think the recommened yarn doubled must be about equivalent to a fingering weight as that seems to come out reasonably well on the recommended needle size. I tried a DK and had to go up a few needle sizes. It would work if you want a bigger more open shawl (try a 5.5mm needle for a really open one though even on a 5 mm it’s pretty lacy).

I’ve now cast on the FBS with the cinnamon coloured Austermann Peru left over from the scarf I knit for my friend (who I will be visiting in Vancouver this weekend; I did the Matt version). Not sure if I’ll have to skip a few repeats of the pattern but we’ll see. I also have some of this yarn in a dark green (I’m making the Matthew scarf for someone else). It goes well with the cinnamon so I might try a stripe or two and make it bigger.

Update re. FBS (4:30 p.m.): There are some little things about this pattern that kind of annoy me. First, why specify straight needles? That outside edge is going to get pretty big, particularly if you do extra repeats. A circular might make more sense. But why say either. It’s knit back and forth. Pick your prefered needle type.

Second, why put the WS rows in the chart? The 2 edge stitches are garter stitch (so knit), the rest is just purl across. Plenty of lace charts don’t include those rows and just tell you. I understand space is an issue for magazines so why not leave those out. They could have then printed the charts a bit bigger. The same could be said forprinting both sides. The chart is EXACTLY the same on either side of the centre stitch. End Update.

Cassie and I had a bit of correspondance about why knit lace (or anything for that matter). It revolved around usefulness and process. I’m going to think more about that and maybe blog about it on my return.

Not that you expect frequent posts or anything but I’m out of town for almost a week. Leaving tomorrow to go to British Columbia. Part work. Part visiting a friend I haven’t seen in ages. Since I’ve now found a way for people to pay me to do stuff I love to do, it should all be fun.