Stash revisted

I have stated previously that my stash is not as great as some people’s and been told not to feel bad about that. I’m not a big believer in guilt so I haven’t but there are drawbacks to the smaller stash.

It is hot. And humid. Lots of people (I’m not going to link to any of them) have commented about how hot it is. And it is hot and humid here in Ottawa, too. I have knit wool sweaters in the summer before and once they get beyond a certain stage that big pile of sweater in your lap is not comfortable. And I’m not really inspired to knit a wool sweater right now anyway.

I do like to knit with cotton, though other people don’t. So I’ve been busily knitting on my Ribby tank which I am inspired to knit because I might just wear it in the foreseeable future. It’s going well but it isn’t exactly challenging. Ribbing (and ribbing that changes from 2×2 to 3×1) is more interesting than stockingnette in the round but only marginally so.

What I really want to knit is lace. After that peocock shawl (sorry, still no photos), I’m really hankering after some lace knitting. Complicated but somehow zen-like. I’ve been looking at patterns in Folk Shawls and the Best of Knitters Scarves and Shawls books and on-line and…

But there isn’t anything very fine in the stash. I’ve been contemplating knitting a shawl in some navy blue Jaegar Matchmaker DK wool crepe that is in there (and has been for eons and there isn’t enough for even a tank for me with the 44″ bust though there might be combined with the bluey grey of the same stuff I also have but who wants a wool tank?). It might work but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as delicate as a fingering weight or a lace weight. I don’t even have much sock wool. Some self-striping stuff destined for actually socks for my daughter. And that horrible green I don’t like.

Well there is a bit of fingering weight alpaca and merino blend. I’m making some scarves and seem to have way more than I need. There are 3 and a bit balls left over of a nice cinnamon colour and I’m still knitting the dark green so there might be some left of that. Either might make a nice (though small) lacy thing. Or I could knit a lacey scarf with them. I have just finished the Wavy Triangles one in the summer Vogue Knitting in a different but similar yarn. It was nice to knit and looks good. (gift stash is building up as you can see.)

Luckily I have to go to New York in less than 2 week’s time. Cassie has agreed to meet with me, drink tea, and (window) shop. She has promised to lead me into the temptation of large skeins of cheap laceweight.

In the meantime, my stash is too small. I’m knitting ribbing and a somewhat interesting scarf.


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  1. I have to tell you, my absolute favorite shawls are heavier than froghair. They’re more practical. The ones I use the most (not right now but in winter) are laceweight Icelandic singles, which is really more of a fingering weight. My other favorite shawl is sportweight.


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