When Life Gives You Lemons…

I have recently become unemployed. I was on a term contract that ended on April 1 (end of the fiscal year). I knew it would happen and although I was somewhat frustrated at the seeming lack of appreciation for my skills and talents in the organization, I was kind of ready to go. The analysis phase of the project was pretty well done and while there was other work to do, I could see how our little team weren’t necessarily going to get to do it.

Now, I had an interview for another job on March 11. That interview went really well. How often do people say ‘Wow that was an excellent answer’ in job interviews. Not often. But they did. Anyway, they took a while to get back to me. The director went on holiday before they made a decision. yadda yadda So yesterday I receive one of those HR regrets letters. There are only so many versions of that letter. You must have received one of them.

As Cate says, I can thank them later for launching my fabulous consulting career. Which I have been working on due to the length of time it took them to make a decision. As of today, I’m trying to work out whether I can earn enough money from this to make it my only thing. That will involve determining what ‘enough money’ is. My partner reminds me that it includes the cost of wool, fibrefestivals, and associated stuff.

So far, this thing is working out well. I might be really busy in May. We’re working on dates. And those further away are working on getting me some more work near them so they can pay a smaller proportion of my travel expenses. I’m feeling quite confident. Keep your fingers crossed.

Of course there is a more boring side to all of this. I’m going to a seminar for people starting a small business that the Canada Revenue Agency runs. I need to learn about GST (goods and services tax). I should really do a business plan. I really need a better office chair, with arms, so I don’t do myself a major injury typing… I must see my graphic designer buddy and get some business cards and stuff done.

So far, partly because I was still thinking this might be an ‘on the side’ business rather than my main occupation, I’ve been striking a pretty good balance between trying to set up some work and doing lots of knitting. My digital camera doesn’t like OS-X so no photos, I’m afraid (I’m really not cut out for this blogging thing, am I?).

I’ve made substantial progress on the peacock feathers shawl. (pattern on the fiddlesticks site if you want to see what I’m aiming for) I’m about to start the edging pattern. I have 446 stitches in a row (having finished row 224). There are 250 rows in the whole shawl and it will end up with 495 stitches. It is looking mighty impressive and I still have 3 balls of wool left so I think I’m okay with that.

I’ve also designed and started a cotton shell for Freya. Designing involved measuring a top she has in the drawer that fits her well (adding length, that kid is long in the body) and finding a colourwork pattern I liked out of a Dale pattern book I had lying around. I swatched that pattern twice (on one swatch with a purl turning row and moss stitch bands and then made it into a little purse for her since otherwise I think swatches seem like a horrible waste) and then did a third arrangement of the colours on the final thing. I probably should have done that colourwork band on slightly larger needles to mitigate the tendency to pull in but I’m not ripping it back now. It’s looking good. The yarn is Sock It To Me Esprit cotton with elastic from Elann. It is sport weight, stretchy, comes in nice colours and won’t droop like cotton often does. It is also really soft. I’m liking it. But then I like knitting with cotton.

I’ve also started a stripy sock using stash yarn. it is turning out well. I’m doing the Stashbuster Spirals which are cool but I started before I knew how long the foot was (they’re for a friend’s GF) and had to rip back. That is a bit tricky but I managed.

Now if I could work out how to knit a business plan, I’d be away.


4 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Lemons…

  1. Well. You went and got yourself a blog. You coulda-shoulda-woulda told me. I had to figure it out all for myself.

    And we’ll have to do something about the camera issue. I’d love to see pictures of your peacock feathers shawl.

    Here’s to your blog!


  2. Oh, I am pushing all the best karma your way so this turns into the consulting career you always dreamed of 🙂 Managing your own time and being your own boss would be wonderful. I do have my fingers crossed for you!

    And um, aren’t fibers and yarn, etc. totally tax-deductible? 😉


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